Light Express

Q: What does a lighting designer do?

A: The purpose of a lighting designer is to consult a client regarding their lighting needs and desires, and to present them with a variety of options through which they can achieve their goals. Lighting designers are responsible for researching and specifying the light fixtures required and presenting them to the client for approval.

Q: How much does it cost to hire a lighting designer?

A: Lighting designers use different billing methods. At Light Express, lighting designers are retained on an hourly basis. Hourly charges are dependent upon the specific requirements of each project.

Q: What should I do before consulting a lighting designer?

A: Before consulting a lighting designer you should do as much research as possible. Collect pictures of rooms or spaces that reflect your style. These pictures will help steer the designer in the right direction – remember pictures are worth a thousand words. Don’t forget to draw up a preliminary budget. A budget will help communicate your financial goals to your designer.

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